Media guest- Guillermo Olivo

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Creator, Writer, Producer, Director... But most importantly- Toy Collector. 

Guillermo Olivo takes his passion for collecting toys across the country and beyond with a phenomenal crew to meet some of the most interesting toy collectors and see their incredible collections. And documented it all for our viewing pleasure! 

From Florida to Washington to Michigan, they brave hurricanes, heat waves and snow storms to see what a vast group of Plastic Crack addicts are collecting. 

The collections are great. But what Guillermo wanted more was to look beyond the wall to wall shelves, the storage units and converted basement toy rooms, and hear the stories of the collectors. 

This is what sets this documentary apart. This is not about the things that people have, it is about the people that have things. 

Guillermo will be at MuskeCon, with some of the Michigan collectors featured in the series, answering questions, sharing stories and clips, and inviting you behind the scenes of a documentary, the way his documentary invited us all behind the shelves.

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